Sunday, April 22, 2012

Recipe #162: Spongey Flish - Asian Glazed Cod Lions

Tasty Asian glazed fish and veggies.  Prep time of about ten minutes and a cook time of around fifteen minutes.  Super easy dinner.


8 oz Loin of Cod (per person)
2 tbsp Hoisin Sauce
1 tbsp Garlic Chilli Paste
1 oz Asian Worcestershire Sauce
1 oz Rice Wine/Sushi Vinegar
2 oz Lemon Juice
1 oz Sesame Seed Oil
2 Cloves of Grated Garlic


Pat the cod dry with paper towels so the glaze will stick. Broil the fish on high with the over door partially open.  Apply additional glaze as needed/desired until the fish reaches an internal temperature of 135 degrees.
I raided the Asian store!
The fish was great.  Th e texture of cod is a bit different if your not familiar with it.  Spongy is the most accurate description that I can give.  Don't forget the veggies!  Mmmm Cauliflower.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Recipe #161: Earthen Grilled Cheese

This is the kind of food that you want to keep eating knowing fully well that your more than content. Kid tested, Buddha approved, vegetarian delight! Gooey fresh mozzarella grilled cheese filled with caramelized onions and portabella mushrooms.

2 Large Portabella Mushroom Caps
4 Large Spanish Onions
2 Cloves of Garlic
Pesto -Enough to spread one piece of bread for each sandwich)
Goat Cheese - Enough to spread one piece of bread for each sandwich)
2 oz Fresh Mozzarella Cheese - Per Sandwich
1 oz Sun-dried Tomatoes - Per Sandwich
Rosemary and Oregano
2 Slices of Bread - Per Sandwich (Rye is my preference for grilled cheese)
Slaughter the onions into 1 inch ribbons. Place the onions in a pan with a lid and cook covered over medium-low heat until onions have reduced and liquid pools in the bottom of the pan. Remove the lid and, while stirring, allow the liquid to evaporate. Replace the lid and repeat the procedure until the onions have been caramelized and have turned a deep brown. Deglaze the pan with cooking booze if needed to loosen the yummy bits that cling to the pan--I used rice wine.
Slaughter the mushrooms into strips and add them to the pan with the onions. Add 5 oz of water to the pan and replace the lid. Allow the mushrooms to steam and soften. After mushrooms have softened remove the lid and allow excess water to evaporate. Rosemary, Oregano, Salt, and Pepper to taste.Slice up the mozzarella cheese and sun-dried tomatoes to to decorate the sandwich. Butter a one side of two pieces of bread (like grilled cheese).
  1. Spread goat cheese on the other side of One slice of bread.
  2. Spread pesto on the other side of One slice of bread

Build a Sandwich and cook it!

Glad to be finally sharing and cataloging the creations. Thanks for having me Heather!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Blogger- Coming Soon!

A major change will be happening to this blog soon- I'm going to have a guest blogger!  It's my friend Tom, who is especially great at making up his own recipes.  I never turn down an invite to dinner if I can help it.  Stay tuned...