Friday, January 3, 2014

Recipe #269: Fondue De Poulet À La Crème (Child)

Ok, I admit it, this is NOT the prettiest picture.  The chicken looks pink, but it's not really.  I was too excited to eat it to get the photo right.  This recipe is from page 262 of volume I... I bought some onions and a chicken and decided that was plenty enough to see what Julia could inspire, and I chose this recipe.  Make it with rice for a side- the sauce with the rice and chicken is the perfect combination of textures and flavors.  Thick and creamy, and the curry and onion flavors are perfect!!

Here's my picture (and yes, the sauce was still a little bit lumpy, but I didn't want to dilute it with more cream, which was an option):

I was going to find a picture on Google that looks better than mine, and I found out that actually, it's not photogenic regardless of who makes it!  So  you just have to trust me that this is FANTASTIC!

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