Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I bought a wok today, FINALLY! I'd been saying I wanted one for months and months... I love stir-fries and wanted to be able to make them "properly" in this awesome kitchen tool.

So, with a gift card and a coupon, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and purchased this bad boy:

Don't be fooled, though- it doesn't come with vegetables. :)

I had already bought a stir-fry cook book a few weeks back, knowing that sooner than later I'd purchase a wok. I started reading it today in anticipation of using my new kitchen minion, and I have to say, it's a great book. I'd like to recommend it to you:

It offers information on seasoning your wok, how to use it, information on all different types of seasonings, veggies, and anything else you might want to cook in it, and of course recipes.

Side note: Half Price Books is a great place to look for cookbooks- they're so cheap!

Tomorrow I am going to clean and season my wok for the first time. I've picked a recipe for its christening, so stay tuned! Hopefully I'll get the hang of using this thing quickly...

Also, I'm annoyed about peanut oil- I went to the grocery store with the intention of buying peanut oil, but they only sold it in this huge jug. I don't have room for that... I'll have to look elsewhere or just use canola. These oils are better for the really high heat cooking that the wok is used for, which means less smoke...

And back to reading my book...

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