Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just complaining...

Well, for some reason Google, in all of its infinite wisdom, won't let me switch my email for Blogger (which is a Google service) from my old, non-gmail account to my new gmail account, which makes me have to sign out of my gmail and then into my non-gmail account to be able to post. This non-gmail account is tied to another Google account that will not consolidate with my NEW Google account.

Is your head spinning yet?

So I found a work-around for Blogger... I invited MYSELF to be a co-author on this blog, emailing my gmail an invitation from my non-gmail account so I can log in and post through my gmail. *big breath* And so here I am, co-authoring with myself.

...I won't even begin to think of the mess involving Google Analytics (tracking information for this blog that's tied to my non-gmail account).... I'll just leave it alone. I also have a Google Latitude account (tracks me via GPS when I turn it on on my phone- good for Nick if I'm out of town or traveling by myself...)- but I can probably change that over easily since it doesn't really store data.

My YouTube account (also a Google service) has this problem too. Maybe I'll just close it and open a new one under my new account, but then I'd lose all my favorites and uploads. *sigh*...

I saw someone posted something back in 2006 complaining about this, and apparently Google's solution was a "multiple account login" that I've tried. Total failure- it logs me out of the other account anyways.

I'm so irritated that something so simple has to be such a stupid mess.

UPDATE! I went back into my non-gmail Blogger account and granted my gmail account administrator privileges... and then I deleted my non-gmail account (basically deleting the privileges to post). HAHA! VICTORY! Epic work-around!!

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