Saturday, March 10, 2012

Too busy traveling to cook...

It's sad seeing that my last post was 2/12.  Work's been crazy.... traveled this week to Virginia for training, and the previous week I was in Altoona and Bedford PA for a few days on project stuff.  Next week Wed-Fri it's back to Bedford for me to try to finish up a wastewater treatment project with some of the other contractors.

My view from my seat on a United prop plane from Washington Dulles airport to Cleveland... got to witness some gorgeous scenery and the sun setting.  Flew right over Downtown Cleveland during the descent, which was all lit up and sparkling.  Probably ties for my favorite flight so far.  (The other was a night flight from Denver to Cleveland with clear skies to the ground... so many lights!)

Makes it hard to be excited about planning new meals.  Usually before I travel, I have to consider the food situation because I don't want to leave Nick with an empty fridge or a bunch of ingredients so he has to cook for just himself.  He loves leftovers, so many times I'll make something over the weekend that will leave him plenty of leftovers for quick lunches and dinners for while I'm gone.  This past time was leftover pot roast and mashed potatoes, and tons of spaghetti pie.  Maybe this time I'll make the crock pot chicken noodle soup again.... that stuff is awesome.

Eventually I'll be back to some new meals here.  Hoping that after next week I won't have to travel again for a bit.  Definitely learning a lot, getting a lot done, and doing pretty well for being there just over a year now.  I love having my own tool box full of stuff to use on site... I love my steel toed boots and my hard hat.  It's an interesting field.  But it's hurting my cooking hobby!

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