Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Teryaki Stir Fry

My friend and fellow foodie Tom made some of his own teryaki sauce (at least, that's the impression I got- that it was home-made...) so I knew I had to make a stir fry with it.  I rely very much on recipes, which is ok while I'm still learning, and I am getting good at improvising and swapping out or adding ingredients... but I won't feel accomplished until I can come up with entire dishes on my own.

Well, today I threw together a stir fry that I was actually pleased with without any inspiration from any of my cookbooks.

First I heated and oiled my wok, then tossed in boneless skinless chicken thighs (read: CHEAP yet yummy!) that I'd cut into small pieces.  Fried that up in two batches, adding some fresh ground black pepper, then set it aside.  Added more oil and heated the wok back up.  Added minced garlic, sliced criminis, snap peas, and red bell pepper, and cooked them until they softened some.  Then added a good amount of the teryaki sauce and heated it all through.  Finally, I added the chicken back in with a little more of the sauce, and cooked it another minute or so.  I served this over that 90-second microwave rice from Uncle Ben's and sprinkled on some sesame seeds.  It was fab!

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  1. Yes the sauce was homemade =D Additional comment on the boneless skinless chicken thighs: TENDER - Thats why I suggested it to you.