Monday, April 8, 2013

New York City Food

I had to go to Middletown, Connecticut for work.  I was told that I had to be there from Tuesday, March 26, through Friday the 28th, and then Monday, April 1st through the 5th.  Flying home Friday and then coming back Sunday didn't make much sense, especially once I was told that New York City was just a 2 hour train ride away.  How could I resist?  I LOVE New York City, and I definitely wasn't intimidated about going by myself.

I won't get into details to make you jealous about what an awesome time I had (ok, I really did...) so I'll just limit this to what this blog is about:  FOOD!  I stayed at The Jane Hotel, perfect for one person and fantastically priced ( and lucked out- there is an amazing cafe on the first floor of that hotel.  I ate there three times, as you will see.

So I will post pics of what I had on my trips, where they came from, and fawn over each dish a little bit.  I will probably try to imitate some of these in my own kitchen.

ITEM:  Chicken satay with peanut sauce and jasmine rice, carrots, with a whiskey
PLACE:  Cafe Gitane (113 Jane St Manhattan)
COMMENTS:  I was in heaven, immediately.  I love anything peanut sauced.  I love jasmine rice.  The chicken was tender and flavorful.  

ITEM:  Baked eggs with smoke salmon, capers, potatoes and cream, and a latte
PLACE: Cafe Gitane (for breakfast)
COMMENTS:  The latte is coffee done right.  And the eggs were fantastic and the salmon had just the right amount of flavor for the dish.  The bread is great too.

ITEM:  Street stand hot dog smothered in relish and mustard
PLACE:  Right smack in the middle of Times Square, below where the ball drops on NYE
COMMENTS:  Obligatory, right?  Obviously, the atmosphere made this gourmet!!!

ITEM:  Spaghetti bolognese (with a chianti)
PLACE;  Il Palazzo, in Little Italy (
COMMENTS:  This was exactly what I was hoping for in Little Italy.  I sat under a glass ceiling and enjoyed the sunshine and a great meal.  I had an espresso after!

ITEM:  Steak tartare, with a whiskey (probably Knob Creek or Maker's Mark) 
PLACE:  The Standard Grill (
COMMENTS:  I had several people recommend this place to me, which was a five minute walk from my hotel.  I knew that standing at the bar to eat (because it was so busy) was the price I'd have to pay for delicious food, and I was right.  This was my first steak tartare, and I LOVED it and ate every bit!

ITEM:  Baked eggs with basil, tomato sauce, and cream with Merquez (lamb) sausages
PLACE:  Cafe Gitane (breakfast)
COMMENTS:  I was told I better try these sausages, so I did, and I ate the whole thing.  DELISH!  With an espresso.  I ate all the bread, too, to swab up the sauce.  Great Easter breakfast!

This doesn't include the Belgian truffles I bought at a chocolate shop outside Grand Central Station, or a chai at a coffee shop on the outskirts of Times Square, or an amazing stout I drank at a really cool bar in Little Italy.  I LOVE New York and was sad to leave, especially all the food it has to offer!

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