Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kitchen stuff I recommend

A flat grater is good for garlic, or chocolate shavings for parfaits, or blocks of cheese...

The Slap Chop or any off-brand is good for quick chopping, especially nuts, onions and carrots. Peppers get a little mooshy, though, so you have to be careful to not over chop them.

I learned about the chop and scoop type tools from Rachael Ray; they're awesome when you're chopping and mincing on a cutting board and need to scoop it all up to add to a bowl or pan... This exact one I bought for $6 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Cookbook holders are great for getting the book out of the way while you cook. Nick got me one for Christmas last year and I love it. Mine folds up flat so it doesn't take up space while I'm not using it.

Quesadilla makers are awesome- my sister gave me one! You can make any kind of quesadilla in these pretty quick- one of those quick dinner things that are nice to have around.

Pampered Chef sells this kitchen tool used for browning meat. I like it because you can chop up the meat pretty small. Only $10 on their site.

I know soap isn't really a kitchen tool, but Softsoap's Kitchen Fresh Hands is awesome for getting all kinds of smells off your hands after you're done working with food. I hate how my hands smell after peeling an orange, for example, and this works great!

I LOVE my crock pots. Every kitchen should have one. First of all, everyone needs to make chili! They're also great for pork and beef. I'll be posting plenty of crock pot recipes! I have 3 sizes, this exact one shown, a smaller one, and a tiny one perfect for dips. (MMM... especially spinach and artichoke dip!)

A salsa maker is great for making your own FRESH salsa, especially during late summer when the tomatoes and peppers are best. Believe me, making salsa by hand is messy and laborious- this makes it much simpler!

I'm running out of room in my kitchen for some of this stuff! I can't wait till we get a house and I have more cupboard space.

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