Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Kitchen

Here's where the food magic happens. I have a decent sized kitchen for being in an apartment, but I'm starting to run out of room.

I have reorganized some since taking these pictures, but it's close enough. I have a dehydrator that I need to make some more jerky with! I do hate our refrigerator- it's either too warm, or freezes anything not in the front... and it definitely could be bigger.

Bamboo cutting boards- Nick likes these- our knife set from our wedding shower... and a painting covering up the breaker door.... the much-used coffee pot... thank god for storage above the cabinets. Since these pictures have been taken, there's even more stuff up there.

Here are my cook books.... I have a couple more now. I love the Wine and Food Lover's Diet and Sandra Lee cookbooks- I use them often. The maroon binder on the far right is a bunch of recipes that my best friend Carlie put together for me a long time ago... there's a great one for chicken broccoli alfredo in there...

I can't wait to have a nice kitchen some day when we get a house. More room, maybe an island to work on, and a bigger fridge! But for now, this works well enough for me.

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